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Lowly Williams House Blend

Named for the first Lady-of-the-House; flavored with lemon, strawberry, vanilla and rose petals

Angel’s Dream

A heavenly blend of black and green teas with maple and blackberry

Pink Orchid

Luscious flavor blend of pomegranate and vanilla

Summer Orchard

Just-picked peaches and apricots

Sumner Valley Rhubarb Pie

Tart rhubarb, sweet strawberries and just a hint of vanilla ice cream for pie a la mode

Lavender Lace

French lavender blended with a

creamy Earl Grey

Summer Pudding

English dessert: strawberries, blackberries and currants

Springtime Delight

Chocolate covered strawberries

Almond Enjoyment

Apple Pie

Blueberry Bliss

Caramel Toffee

Cherry Charm

Chocolate Velvet

Ginger Peach

Irish Cream

Mandarin Orange

Purely Pear

Raspberry Patch

Rose Petal

Spice Marche

Strawberry Fields

Tropical Mango

Vanilla Bean


Japanese Sencha

Traditionally used in tea ceremonies

Japanese Cherry Rose

Cherries and rose petals

Emerald Citron

Lemon and lime


Spring leaves with jasmine blossoms

Misty Memories

Mild green with passion fruit

Green Summer Orchard

 Just-picked apricots and peaches

Green Blueberry Bliss

Green Earl Grey

Green Mandarin Orange

Green Strawberry Fields

Green Tropical Mango

Green Vanilla Bean

English Breakfast

English favorite to awaken the taste buds:  good body and full flavor

Earl Grey

Named for the Earl Grey, Prime Minister of England in the 1830’s;  a medium-bodied black tea with citrus/floral flavor of bergamot


Considered the “champagne” of tea, it’s a delicate tea with notes of muscatel grapes;  grown on the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains

Indian Spiced Chai

Black tea with cardamom and other spices; best with milk and honey

Irish Breakfast

Stout, full-bodied and bracing ~ typically taken with milk

Afternoon Garden Party

Ceylon black, malty Assam and Chinese green teas blended with Earl Grey bergamot, jasmine and delicate rose petals

Russian Caravan

Campfires imparted a smoky flavor to their cargo as tea merchants traveled the Silk Route to Moscow by camel;  strong and mysterious

Moroccan Market

Peppermint leaves blended with a malty black tea

Our tea is sold as an endless pot of tea per person.  You are free to share with anyone at your table who has also ordered tea.  $4

Our teas are blended right here and are available for sale in 2 ounce packages.  

Most teas are $8, White and Decaffeinated Teas are $10


Fruits, berries, nuts, botanicals and other natural flavors blended with black teas



The newest fuzzy white tips and top leaves of the tea plant are plucked and air dried, creating a delicately flavored brew.

Shou Mei

Chinese white tea; light yet flavorful

White Ambrosia

Our most popular;  coconut, mango, pineapple and vanilla

White Strawberry Fields

White tea with sweet strawberry flavor

White Summer Orchard

The flavor of just-picked apricots and peaches

Almond Spice

Sweet almonds and spices

Apple Appeal

Rose hips, apples and cinnamon

Exotic Enchantment

Fruit blend with nuts and spices

Peachy Keen

Rosehips and peaches

Peppermint Tingle

Just dried peppermint leaves

Tutti Fruiti

Fruits and caramel


Formosa Oolong

A classic oolong; light liquoring and sweet, fruity character

Oolong Orange Blossom

Sweet orange blossoms fragrance this tea with fruity jasmine notes


Decaf English Breakfast

Decaf Spice Marche

Orange zest, cinnamon and spices

Decaf Summer Orchard

Just-picked peaches and apricots

Decaf Earl Grey

Decaf Green Emerald Citron

Green tea with lemon and lime

Decaf Tropical Mango


Red Cherry Rose

Cherries and rose petals

Red Licorice


Red Spice Marche

Orange zest, cinnamon and spices

Red Summer Orchard

Just-picked apricots and peaches

Red Almond Enjoyment

Red Apple Pie

Red Berry Delight

Red Caramel Toffee

Red Chocolate Orange

Red Purely Pear

Red Tropical Mango

Red Vanilla Bean



Fruits, berries, nuts, botanicals and other natural flavors blended with green teas

Popular in their countries of origin, these teas are steeped in tradition.

Oolong tea is processed by withering and partial fermentation of the leaves which develop a medium-bodied flavor and aromatic floral notes.

Real tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis) with the caffeine removed

Red tea/rooibos is the naturally caffeine-free leaves of a South African plant;  full of antioxidants.  (Pronounced “roy boss”)

Tisanes contain no tea leaves; instead, natural botanical ingredients like rose hips, herbs, dried fruits, berries, and nuts are brewed for naturally caffeine-free drinks.